Dynamic DNS

Our free Dynamic DNS service is a complimentary services provided to our free domain holders.

It allows you to setup a hostname that points to a home or office IP address thereby providing you with a URL that is easy for you to remember so that you can access your home of office network on the go.

For example you could create a domain called example.en.eu and then have dynamic DNS entries allowing you to point home.example.en.eu to your home and office.example.en.eu to your office.

Customer Solutions

Common Uses for Dynamic DNS include:
  • Host your websites on a home or office server
  • Run a mail server from a home or office computer
  • Set up a home or office security webcam
  • Set up a VPN using your home or office network
  • Our DNS service comes with a feature packed Control panel allowing you to setup your own A, MX, TXT, CNAME and other records.
  • Having the ability to customize your TTL combined with our Global Network of DNS servers allows for fast propagation and reliable static caching.
  • We operate a global network of DNS servers with locations in over 20 countries
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